Invitation to a Reading

Soirees at Mathilde
by Dominique Fabre

Tuesday 20 June 2017 at 7 PM (Paris time GMT+1)
Librairie Gallimard

Excerpts read by Valerie Delbore

In the presence of Dominique Fabre, who will sign his novel

The reading (50 minutes) will be followed by a signature and we will have a drink.

Booking :
You can book by email or calling +33(0) or directly through the website

Booking : You can book by email or calling +33(0) or6 or clicking

Address: LIBRAIRIE GALLIMARD - 15 boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris - 01 45 48 24 84

« It was still dawn. Usually, in tales, the birds who mark the start of the day. He put his own coat on her's one, on Mathilde shoulders; she was tired. »

In the Eighties, a pennyless unoccupied student, most frequently in bars than college, is invited to a party in the chic suburbs, in Sevres. The young man discovers a small society of people who drink, chat, flirt and dance in an atmosphere where everyday problems seem to no longer exist. Fascinated by the atmosphere reigning in the large house of Sevres, he will come back and mingle with this universe which is the opposite of his.
Dominique Fabre convokes and resuscitates an era that never disappeared. The emotion is there, fluttering, fugitive, captured by his sensitive writing.
Dominique Fabre published a dozen novels including "Me also one day", "I will go far" (Maurice Nadeau, 1995), "My life of Edgar" (Le Serpent à plumes, 1998), "I would like to see Callaghan again" (Fayard, 2010) And, at Editions de l'Olivier, We would tear our heart(2012), Clouds and Towers (2013), Stolen Photos (Eugène Dabit Award, 2014).

Monique Petillon - Le Monde du 23 février 2017 — Reader of Bove and Calet, marvelous geographer of the edges, Dominique Fabre carries a human-minded look on all these companions of meeting, from one to the other of these two worlds, the bar owner and the Egyptian Without a residence permit...
To all of them, he dedicates a "long ballad", a kind of "cantata", nostalgic and endearing.

Christine Ferniot - Télérama du 15 février 2017 — A melancholy dreamer, Dominique Fabre hangs around cafes, listens to the conversations of the anonymous and loses himself in their lives. Parisian neighborhoods, nonchalant suburbs attract this boy...
Chez Mathilde, we celebrate with ordinary wine and rice salad, then we stay sleeping near a brunette not too fierce. Dominique Fabre suspends time, recomposes a world of perfumed details to the essential.