Les Mots Parleurs kindly invite you to meet

Hubert Haddad

on the occasion of the reading of excerpts of his book

Premières neiges sur Pondichéry
First Snow on Pondicherry

by Valérie Delbore

Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 7 pm Paris time  
Librairie Gallimard in Paris

The reading (50 minutes) will be followed by a signature.

Booking :
You can book by email or calling +33(0) or directly through the website

Booking : You can book by email or calling +33(0) or clicking

Address: LIBRAIRIE GALLIMARD - 15 boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris - 01 45 48 24 84

Hubert Haddad is well-known to the public of the Mots Parleurs. His work is substantial. Wikipedia briefly presents him as follows: « Hubert Haddad is a Tunisian poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist.[1] He was born in Tunis in 1947. His debut collection of poems 'Le Charnier déductif' appeared in 1967, and his first novel 'Un rêve de glace' was published in 1974. Since then he has published numerous works in a wide range of literary forms. ». In the same article Wikipedia gives his impressive bibliography.

This book earned his author the Prix Cercle Chapel 2017, the Grand Prix de la Ville d'Asnières 2017 and the Sélection du Prix JOSEPH KESSEL 2017. His publisher, Éditions Zulma give it this présentation: « En un tour de force romanesque, Premières neiges sur Pondichéry nous plonge dans un univers sensoriel extrême, exubérant, heurté, entêtant, à travers le prisme d’un homme qui porte en lui toutes les musiques du monde, et accueille l’inexorable beauté de tous ses sens In a romantic feat, Premieres neiges sur Pondichery (First Snow on Pondicherry) immerses us into an extreme sensory universe, exuberant, bumpy, heady, through the prism of a man who carries in him all the music of the world, and welcomes the inexorable beauty of all his senses. »