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In echo to "Zaratustra" Maria Mailat and Pierre Peju, Paris January 20 2007

For the second time the "Correspondances d'Artistes" will go public. Saturday January 20, 2007 3:00 pm, in Paris, Odeon Theatre, in echo to the creation of "Zaratustra", directed and produced by Krystian Lupa, an exceptional reading in full voice by "Les Mots Parleurs".

Paris December 26, 2006 -- Throughout the season 2006-2007, The theater "Odeon-Theatre de l'Europe", the "Mots Parleurs" and the House of writers bring together diverse talents to organize, a creative confrontation - comment, counterpoint - between four dramatic works, created in the theatre, and four times two contemporary authors. The second creation to enter the play is "Zaratustra", directed by Krystian Lupa. Saturday 20 January 2007 at 3:00:pm, the Association "Les Mots Parleurs" (the words that speak) offers a reading in full voice read by Carole Bergen and Valerie Delbore -in French- of the writings of Maria Mailat and Pierre Peju, the authors who accepted to write in echo to "Zaratustra" and to experiment an exchange with the public. This exceptional reading will be followed by a confrontation between the public, the authors and the director of "Zaratustra", Krystian Lupa, led by Sylvie Gouttebaron, writer.

- Maria Mailat was born in Romania. Author of news and novels, anthropologist and poetess, she chosed to write in French. Its work is multiform and metaphorical. Its last novel "La cuisse de Kafka" -Kafka's gift to mankind- has been published by Fayard.

- Pierre Peju was born in Lyon. Academic and philosopher, connaisseur of the German romanticism, he directs the romantic Collection to the Corti editions. His work includes essays, novels and tales. His last novel "the temptation of the map" was published in 2003 by "Le Verbe et l'Empreinte" - the Verb and the Track-.

the entry is free . A reservation is preferable:

If you understand FRENCH. This event is NOT TO MISS.

Tous les détails sur le rendez-vous du samedi 20 Janvier 2007 et la réservation sur le site de l'Association Les Mots Parleurs

-- As for the production "Zaratustra" and director Krystian Lupa, this is the short presentation made by Odeon-Theatre de l'Europe: "Elfriede Jelinek calls Einar Schleef (1944-2001) one of the two geniuses of contempory Germany. "In the West is Fassbinder, and in the East, Schleef." Director, novelist and playwright, he is little known in France. Krystian Lupa, a connaisseur of German literature, has drawn an amazing production from Schleef's work, again demonstrating his numerous talents as a director, costume designer, sculpture, scenographer and (for the first time) video director. With this new production, six months after an Enchanted Flute that he will direct for the Festival d'Aix in 2006, Lupa returns for his sixth time to the theater which introduced him to France." A detailed pdf présentation, in French, is available as a pdf file at the Odeon-Theatre of Europe.

-- Be carefull! There are two distinct events. The play :
after "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE
and "Nietzsche. Trilogy" by EINAR SCHLEEF
directed by KRYSTIAN LUPA
by the Stary Teatr
(in Polish sur-titled in French)
From January 18th to January 27th 2007
8:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday / 3:00 pm on Sunday
The calendar

-- and the unique Saturday afternoon event the 20th of January at 3:00 pm.

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